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New aromatherapy nebulizing diffuser Essential oil scent diffuser

This diffuser uses a metal shell, which is more texture and more resistant to Essential oils. 

Convenient output adjustment settings allow you to choose the timing of the spray of essential oils,

 Provides the most desirable aromatherapy experience. 

This state-of-the-art aroma diffuser technology does not require heating or adding water. 

Directly atomize essential oils into fine particles to retain the natural ingredients of essential oils. 

It can also provide sufficient therapeutic effect; These micro-particles can permeate in the air for several hours and preserve the complete natural therapeutic effect. 

Delicate fogging, even evaporation, perfect visual and physical experience. 

Using new technology, the structure of essential oil molecules is not damaged, and the essential oils are diffused into the air and the volatile area is emitted. Uniform to meet space needs. 

Product size: 120*63*137mm 

Voltage: Input 100-240V 

Output: DC5V Power: 3W 

Capacity: 10ml essential oil bottle 

Weight: 530g 

Use area: 15-25 square meters 

Power cord length: 100cm 

Accessories: UK plug, manual, USB cable

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