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Emulsifiable Solvent Degreaser - H.D.D (Heavy Duty Degreaser)

Product Name : H.D.D
Part No. : C180
Applications : Emulsifiable Solvent Degreaser


H.D.D. is a highly active blend of solvents and emulsifiers designed to clear rapidly the heaviest soils and
greases from plant machinery, metal surfaces or concrete floors. H.D.D. may be diluted with paraffin or
similar solvents for added economy.

Where to use:

H.D.D. may be used conveniently on a wide variety of surfaces e.g. concrete, brickwork metals etc. The
product can also be used to degrease and clean plastics and painted metal surfaces, however, due to the
wide variety of finishes it is recommended that a test for compatibility is made before use.

-Transport Industry Plant, chassis, engine cleaning tankers.

-Manufacturing Hoists, pulleys, machinery tanks

-Floor Cleaning Concrete, brickwork, ceramic tiles

Use generally for removal of tar, grease and bitumen deposits from a wide variety of hard surfaces.

Use cold at normal ambient temperatures. Do not use near naked flames or sources of ignition. H.D.D.
may be diluted with paraffin or similar solvent for added economy.
Apply to surface using brush, cloth or Arrow T7 Sprayer and allow to penetrate the soil/grease for up to
15 minutes before washing away with water or dilute Arrow Hydroclean.
H.D.D. may also be used in a dip-tank undiluted or diluted with paraffinic solvents. Tanks should be
constructed of steel and have tight fitting lids. After articles have been immersed, brush to remove
stubborn deposits and air/blow dry.
Use also in conjunction with Arrow Parts Washer/Degreasing Centres. See separate information sheets.

Corrosion Prevention
If the clean items are to be stored for any length of time, treat by spraying or immersing items in Arrow
Shield. This process will have the effect of displacing any water from hidden corners, bolt holes etc. and
then providing protection from rust.

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