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Corrosion Preventative - Arrow 5

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Product Name : ARROW 5
Part No. : C284
Applications : Corrosion Preventative

1.0 Introduction:

Arrow 5 is a combined corrosion preventative, moisture displacing and penetrating fluid which facilitates
the long term internal storage of the widest variety of machined metal items in potentially corrosive
Formulated to pass code PX24, DEF Standard 68/10-2, Arrow 5 has found widespread applications in
the North Sea Offshore Oil Industry, general engineering and electrical/telecommunications
installations where its ability to protect and lubricate mixed metal systems in salt – spray conditions,
provides the end user with a most versatile and effective maintenance fluid.
This preparation is available either as a bulk fluid or in aerosol pack.
Film Thickness : 2 microns
British Coal Registration : Hazard No. 2472 (Bulk) 5 litre
NSV No. 13 – 20 – 1491 (Fluid)
Hazard No. 1091 aerosol
NSV No. 13 – 20 – 9595 aerosol

Salt – Spray Corrosion Prevention
Of major importance to offshore industries, marine and engineering establishments is Arrow 5 ability to
withstand attack by salt spray and damp/humid atmospheres, particularly where extensive storage is
required. Arrow 5 passes Test No. 8 Method A Def 68-10/2 Annex C which requires no corrosion after
100 hours at 20°C, UK CEGB report C 19/250/A 1437 also confirms Arrow 5 as passing standard

Film Forming Properties
In order for correct corrosion prevention, a continuous homogeneous film must remain. The above
CEGB test showed the film to be stable for the maximum duration of the test. This duplicated DEF 68-
10/2 and DEF 2000 Method 23

Lacquer Forming Properties
When determined according to Test 9B DEF 68 – 10/2 at 150°C by CEGB, Arrow 5 showed weight of
lacquer deposited on standard test panel to be 6.4 mg (less than 20 mg is acceptable).
Metal Corrosion Prevention
Of particular relevance to industrial situations especially those which are involved in harsher climates,
e.g. marine, offshore industries, is Arrow 5 ability not only to prevent corrosion on standard mild or cast
steels but also to deny attack where dissimilar metals are in contact. It is in this area that Arrow 5 has
proved superior to other products which are intended for routine maintenance and are therefore rarely
examined closely in this regard.

Arrow 5 confers much better corrosion resistance that other soft film lubricants to non ferrous/ferrous
systems e.g. aluminium and galvanized articles. This phenomena is especially important when plates or sheet steel are stacked in contact with each other and where salt induces crevice corrosion is a problem
e.g. prevention of corrosion in 400 KV Transmission lines manufactured from Aluminium, Steel and
Zinc Wires in close combination.

Acid Fume Resistance

Another important practical property is Arrow 5 excellent resistance against sulphur dioxide, acetic and
formic acid fumes. This is of major concern when packing steel articles for transportation in wooden
This remarkable effects have been well documented by (i) UK Department of Trade – Corrosion of
metals by wood (ii) Corrosion of metals and their protection in atmosphere containing organic acid
vapours – Donovan & Stringer. Arrow Technical Services can provide further details for customers on
request. In addition, corrosion by condensed sulphur dioxide from chimneys or gas flares etc. can cause severe long term corrosion problems. In all cases above Arrow 5 has proved superior to the more conventional soft film lubricants described earlier.

Water Displacing Properties and Reclamation of Arrow 5 from Dip – Tank Situations.
Arrow passes IP 178 Method B modified to suit requirements of PX24 in which a test panel prepared
according to DEF 2000 Method 25 must be completely wetted out.
In practical situations where corrosion prevention is to be carried out after de-rusting, acid de-scaling
etc., followed by water rinsing; it is essential that any water carry – over quickly deposits at the dip – tank base, in order that subsequent articles are not affected by adverse emulsions etc. In the pressure testing of valves for North Sea operations this is most important, ensuring that Arrow 5 can by recycled, stored and be used many times as a combined pressure fluid/corrosion preventive.
Significant also in this category is Arrow 5 use as a de-watering fluid on electrical / telecommunication
equipment where ignition of control systems must restart immediately when cleared of water.

Effects on Rubbers and Plastics
The effect of Arrow 5 is governed by its carrier solvent (White Spirit). Any attack on plastics or rubbers is negligible and is well documented. Independent testing of Arrow 5 by UK Automobile Association
Engineering Services indicates no effect after one week’s immersion of a wide variety of rubbers and
plastics in Arrow 5 e.g. polyethylene, nylon, Bakelite, PVC, Polypropylene nitrile and butyl rubbers.
Natural rubbers are less resistant and therefore the most sensitive gasket materials require on – site
testing. The recent introduction of less chemically resistant plastics makes the use of Arrow 5 in electrical situations more important since conventionally based electrical cleaners using 1,1,1 Trichloroethane seriously affect delicate plastics e.g. polycarbonates.

2.0 Where to use

Arrow 5 may be used in any industry where short term corrosion prevention and/or water displacement
is required, both in the electrical and mechanical engineering environment.

3.0 How to use

To achieve the performance outlined in the previous sections of this report, Arrow 5 must be applied
without further dilution. However, in certain circumstances where the full performance potential of the
product is not required, it is possible to dilute with white sprit or kerosene prior to application. In
general, 1 part of Arrow 5 can be diluted with up to 3 parts of white spirit or kerosene providing the
operator recognizes that there will be a proportional decrease in performance.
Spray Arrow 5 directly onto the parts or immerse parts in Arrow 5 for 5 minutes. When using Arrow 5
as a corrosion preventative following acid cleaning or pickling, ensure that these parts are thoroughly
rinsed with clean water prior to immersion or spraying with Arrow 5

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