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Royal Proofing PU (H) 100

Royal Proofing PU (H) 100 is an elastomeric liquid applied hybrid PU Styrene Arcylic based waterproof coating suitable for concrete substrates designed to be long lasting and maintenance free. When fully cured, the coating forms a touch, rubber-like membrane.


# Indoor waterproofing such as ground floors, toilets, bathroom and kitchens.

# Outdoor waterproofing such as terraces, balconies, roofing, patios and car park, decks.

# Underground applications such as foundations, slabs, retaining walls, basements, tunnels and elevator pits.

# Damp-proof membrane for sandwich construction.


# Chemical resistance to chlorides, sulphates, mild acids and alkalis, oils, salts, common fuels, bacteria and to organic matter found in soil.

# Single component, ready to use, without needing such equipment as heating pots, blow torches and sealing tapes.

# Water miscible & solvent-free; No fumes, no solvent, no vapors and fire risk. Non flammable, safe to use.

 # Easy to apply using roller, spatula, brush squeegee or airless spray equipment.

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