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Hard Surface Cleaner and Degreaser - Superclean

Product Name : SUPERCLEAN
Part No. : C315
Applications : Hard Surface Cleaner and Degreaser


Superclean Concentrate is a versatile, safe-to-use product which can be used to tackle a very wide range
of medium duty cleaning jobs successfully.

Where to use:

Superclean Concentrate can be used on any hard surfaces in all manufacturing, leisure and agricultural
industries for the removal of light greases, oil, lipstick, nicotine and acrylic polishes.

How to use:

Use with hot or cold pressure washer equipment. However, this product is considered to be exceptionally
good when used through cold water machines; when used through hot machines, the benefit of the
product is reduced due to the vaporization of the solvent components.
Because of the vast range of jobs the product can tackle, the most effective use concentrations for any
particular job are almost impossible to define with any degree of accuracy. The best method is to use the
following information as a starting point.

Greases, oil, fats waxes and acrylics : 1 : 10 to 1 : 20
Body fats and soap films : 1 : 30
Nicotine, general grime, dirt, mildew, fungus, soot deposits : 1.60
The above starting dilutions can be increased or decreased depending on the results.

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